Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Smart Margarita

Margarita 2.1 Version (Only 2.1 net carbs per drink)

Please Drink Responsibly. Don’t Drink And Drive. Just. Don’t. OK?

Serves – 2
Difficulty – Simple as long as you’re over 21
Prep Time – 5 Minutes
Cooking Time – Depends on your alcohol tolerance as to how long it takes you to get “cooked.”

Smart Margaritas - Only 2.1 net carbs each.

1/2 Lime, squeezed

1 Wedge Orange (1 wedge = 1/2 Orange cut into 8 wedges)

1-2 drops Orange Extract

1 tsp Fiberfit Liquid Splenda with Inulin(or to taste)

1 splash water

1oz Tequila (your choice)

2 Lime Wedges for garnish and rubbing rims of glasses

Kosher Salt


Old Fashion Glasses

Rub rims of glasses with lime and dip small portion of the rim into Kosher salt. Fill glasses with ice.

In the same glass you will be serving the drink in, or in a separate mixing glass, add lime juice (I can’t emphasize enough that this MUST be freshly squeezed!), orange juice from 1 wedge of orange, orange extract, splash of water and 2 oz. tequila.

Mix well or shake with ice and strain into two rocks or Old Fashion glasses.

Serve immediately!

The Smart Margarita recipe is similar to Fluffy Chix old high carb recipe, which called for:

SusieT's Old High Carb Margarita

1 part Tequila
1 part Freshly squeezed Lime Juice
1 part Countreau
Splash Water

MMMmmmm it was so good and so bad for you all at the same time.

SusieT’s Notes:I can’t give Smart Margaritas a 4. They are not perfect.

But the Smart Margarita is very good, especially if you work to find the right balance of sweet. If you need more lime, go ahead and squeeze in another wedge, it won’t raise the carb count significantly. And best of all, you feel like you are drinking a real cocktail.

You don’t notice that it’s ¼ of the size of a regular, sugar-packed, liver-killer margarita. And you can pronounce every ingredient in the drink and know where the sugar is coming from. Also, you get a wallop of Vitamin C in the drink.

Compare how much smarter the Smart Margarita is than other high carb margaritas!

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