Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Zucchini Zoodles

Serves 3
Difficulty –
Easy Peasy
Prep Time – 5 Minutes
Cook Time – 5 Minutes

Ingredients:2 Large Zucchini
4 Large Cloves Garlic
Kosher or Sea Salt
Fresh Ground Black Pepper

Optional Mexican Spices (We did this version to eat with Four Chile Grilled Chicken) – Spice it up any way you like!
1 tsp Cumin
½ tsp Coriander

Cut zucchini in about 3 chunks (whatever fits in your spiral slicer). Crank the handle and run it through your spiral slicer.

Now heat a pan to screeching hot. The secret is getting the pan really HOT before putting in the zoodles.

Add olive oil and garlic and let it sizzle wizzle for a minute or so.

Add zucchini and spices. Now walk away. Alton says, “Walk Away!” (too many people fiddle with their food.)

At two minutes on screeching hot heat, toss zucchini, then walk away again.

One more minute (a total of three minutes) and it’s done! Voila! Now how easy, right?

Remove it from heat and serve with anything you can imagine. I used Feta to go with the Four Chile Chicken, but queso fresco would work or Cotijilla, parmesan, asiago, anything sharp!

SusieTs Notes:
Now don’t go cooking this zucchini to kingdom come or I will personally hunt each of you down like a rabid dog and bite you! This needs to be cooked to al dente (or to the tooth) which means, it has to have a little bite or texture to it. If it’s mushy, send it back to the chef! Ick!

Twirl it and swirl it. Eat it with sauce or by itself with the olive oil, garlic and spices. And it will go with any protein! It’s very versatile this love bundle of functional – our oodles and oodles of zoodles. I love that I could eat this whole plate and not have to spend 15 minutes in a confessional with my priest!

Oh and if you don't have a zoodler, go knock the cobwebs off the potato peeler and start peeling long strips along the length of the zucchini. You will then have tagliatelli or long strips about 3/8" wide that look a lot like fettucini and provide the same sauce delivery system functionality these zoodles provide!

Zoodles go great with Four Chili Grilled Chicken!

Nutritional Information